Saturday, 16 August 2008

How Much Energy Does an Apple iPhone Use?

The iPhone has been a success worldwide, with the recent launch of the iPhone 3G, but, just how much energy does it use.

iPhone 3G - 4 to 6W
iPhone 2G - 4 to 6W

This was from an Apple charger, whilst charging the battery, notably when we tested the Apple iBook G4, we connected the iPhone via USB, and this drew for a short term, extra power around 12W, but after applications which launched due to connection, this fell to approximately 4 to 6W.

For information on the electricity consumption of other products check out "How Much Electricity Does a ... Use?"

Please Note the energy use figures are taken from an energy monitor and are not scientifically analysed, therefore the range and margin of error is greater. If you would like a specific product tested let us know and we will endeavour to check it out.


Anonymous said...

If you measured the power while you were charging the device, you were not measuring the power consumption, but, rather, the rate at which the device's battery is charged.

Anonymous said...

Right, your information is useless

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