Wednesday, 13 August 2008

How Much Electricity Does a Netgear Wireless Router Use?

We are all pretty much using wireless internet, I have had my wireless router for almost 3 years now, and Im sure that many people never switch them off (just like me), so how much electricity do they use?

Netgear Wireless Router DG834GT - 10W

Assuming you do not turn your router off, this would equate to 0.24kWh / day and 87.6kWh annually, costing approximately £10 per year to run and emitting 48kg of CO2. If you can compare the consumptions of the product before you purchase, this might be an idea to save a few pounds a year and a few kg of CO2 for each watt saved. Approximately there are 12m households in the UK with a broadband connection, if each of these used wi-fi and never turned it off we would be using 2880MWh per day, and in a year collectively spend £135m per annum, and emit 102 000 tonnes of CO2.

For information on the electricity consumption of other products check out "How Much Electricity Does a ... Use?"

Please Note the energy use figures are taken from an energy monitor and are not scientifically analysed, therefore the range and margin of error is greater. If you would like a specific product tested let us know and we will endeavour to check it out.

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tony said...

Nice blog. Router usage: So what you are in fact advocating is that if i can buy online and thus save journeys in a car,then aside from saving that ten pounds per annum,i will also be polluting less.
So the equation would be: ten pounds/48kw per year/extra drop-off for the mail carrier Vs car journeys,petrol-diesel,emissions,congestion etc? Factor in 'Time Saved' and you could even argue that that time could be spent recycling some more stuff that you already recycle. Getting a wireless modem:Its a no-brainer. Keep up the good work,i visit this site all the time.
all the best

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