Saturday, 23 August 2008

How Much Electricity Does an Energizer Battery Charger Use?

Batteries are said to consume fifty times the energy in production as the end product contains, so it makes environmental and economic sense to invest in a battery charger and rechargable batteries, if you use high energy consumption products such as digital cameras again its a real necessity, they can be reused again and again, sometimes up to 1000 times before they die. We tested the Energizer CH1HR-BS, which is a high-powered charger capable of charging 4 x 2500mAh AA batteries in an hour.

Charger attached to power supply, no batteries being charged (vampire power) - 3W

1 AA Battery - 9 to 11W
2 AA Batteries - 12 to 15W
3 AA Batteries - 16 to 19W
4 AA Batteries - 18 to 22W

So charging 4 batteries, is likely to cost you 0.022kWh, less than half of a penny, compared to several pounds for disposable batteries, it makes sense to choose rechargables.

For information on the electricity consumption of other products check out "How Much Electricity Does a ... Use?"

Please Note the energy use figures are taken from an energy monitor and are not scientifically analysed, therefore the range and margin of error is greater. If you would like a specific product tested let us know and we will endeavour to check it out.

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