Tuesday, 29 January 2008

How Much Electricity Does a Nintendo Wii Use?

As one of this years (and lasts) Christmas must have, the Wii has been outselling its nearest rivals by far. But just how much electricity does a Wii use?

In Standby: 2 - 3W
Wii Menu: 20W
In Game;
Wii Sports: 19 - 21W
Super Mario Galaxy: 19 - 22W

For information on the electricity consumption of other products check out "How Much Electricity Does a ... Use?"

Please Note the energy use figures are taken from an energy monitor and are not scientifically analysed, therefore the range and margin of error is greater. If you would like a specific product tested let us know and we will endeavour to check it out.


corrin said...

Is that per hour? Per day?

Stuart said...

"Is that per hour? Per day?"

A Watt is a standard measure of Energy used per time. It doesn't make a difference, as this is to compare between appliances. However,
1Watt = 1 Joule per Second

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